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About Us

KLE’s History

The Karnataka Lingayat Education Society was established in 1916, with the objective of imparting education among the farming community in North Karnataka. The institution is the result of the blood, sweat and tears of an inspired team of noble young men who dedicated their lives and energy to the cause of education .The mission of the founders is pursued with the same zeal even after 93 years. With a strong network of over 242 educational institutions spread across not only Karnataka,but parts of Maharashtra , New Delhi, and even in Dubai (Bilva International School) the K.L.E. Society enjoys an unrivaled status in India.

 To give an edge and to promote comprehensive education, the society has employed over 10000 teachers committed to academic excellence and has over 100000 students on roll. The K.L.E Society, today stands unmatched in the field of education due to its continuous effort for innovative teaching methods which has led to the demand for admissions right from Kindergarten to Post Graduate studies. The collaborations with universities in the US, UK and Malaysia have added a whole new dimension to the K.L.E Society at an International level as well making it on par with reputed educational institutions worldwide.


Our Philosophy

Each student is unique and able to develop his or her potential in mental, social, physical, and spiritual faculties to the optimum, to become creative individuals with a thirst of knowledge.


KLE's Principle

With a vision to nurture excellence through holistic education by instilling global values, the KLE Society  believes in building a community of enthusiastic learners who are actively growing.


Key Of Success

The KLE School environment is holistic, student friendly and very supportive. We are committed to ensuring that every student is trained in a way of life that leads to success.

"Agriculture and Education are the two key areas, which will define the future of our country. It is imperative that modern farming methods be employed to ensure the food security of not only the farming community but the nation itself. Education is the foundation upon which we build tomorrow and our focus must be to build diversity and excellence into the educational system such that every challenge ahead is met with confidence. We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the entire community. We have a vision of high quality lifelong learning, accessible to all. We will put the learner at the heart of every thing we do, raise expectations and work together with mutual respect for education is our future."

Dr. Prabhakar Kore (Member Of Parliament)


Children are the most creative beings on earth. If only we could provide channels for that creativity to blossom. Their efforts, thoughts and dreams will carry us all to places we can only imagine today. Isaac Newton once said: ” If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” Your parents and your teachers along with the millions of people who have lived and learned before you have provided the shoulders .You have the opportunity and the responsibility to see further, to learn more, to make a better world.” At KLE School, we create responsible & successful Global citizens nurtured in safe, innovative and academically rigorous environment. We believe that education empowers the individual and benefits the entire community.

Dr. Preeti Dodwad​


It is indeed very heartwarming that KLE School, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore has been welcomed very warmly by the people in Nagarbhavi and other adjoining areas. I thank you for reposing this faith in us. With an aim and passion to excel, we have embarked on this journey of structuring and nurturing these young minds to make them self-reliant, socially responsible and creative individuals.The KLE School environment is holistic, student friendly and very supportive. We perceive parents as important stake holders in our initiative to provide quality education. We are committed to ensuring that every student is trained and developed in a way of life that transforms challenges into opportunities and success. May the Almighty bless all of us.

Mr. Prasad S D


Student Learning Goals

 Successful Life-long Learners who:

-Commit to learn for personal growth

-Set high goals and do the best to achieve them

-Are confident to face the present and approach the future


Critical Thinkers who:

-Question before believing

-Are able to gather, analyze, and make use of information

Responsible Members of Society who:

-Are honest, truthful and compassionate

-Exercise rights and protect environment

Physically and Emotionally Fit Individuals who:

-Have a positive attitude at all times

-Understand the benefits of physical fitness

-Are able to cope with pressure and problems effectively.


Effective Communicators who:

-Are Proficient in English

-Can communicate effectively in various ways


Effective users of Technology who:

-Are able to use technology effectively in life and work

-Are able to seek information through the use of technology