We’ve all read the dire predictions; Robots are coming for our jobs; Artificial intelligence will make humans obsolete etc. Anything we can do; machines will do better. While it’s true that automation will eradicate millions of jobs, it will also create millions of new ones, so the demand for human employees won’t disappear, the need for certain skills will – *‘The 21st Century Skills’* _(Problem-Solving Abilities, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Social-Emotional Skills etc)_.
The organizations will start looking for people with these skills and thus it is imperative to cultivate such skills for our kids at a young age itself to stay relevant in the future. We are making a humble effort to equip our kids with these skills during this stay-at-home situation by offering them a series of *FREE Online Tinkering Sessions*. As it is a free session, the _*seats are limited so book your slot immediately.*_ 
*Please use the below link to see the available topics and book your slot*

Dear Parents,

Hope you’re healthy and safe!

During these unprecedented circumstances we, at Eduvate are offering FREE online classes for students, conducted by teachers from reputed international schools across India.

This is a wonderful opportunity for both parents and children to engage in building fundamentals at the required pace, focus on key skills development and spend meaningful time together.

These classes will be one-on-one sessions of 15 minutes for students, along with parents, from Nursery to Class 2. From Class 3 to Class 10, the online sessions will be of 40 minutes with one online educator and 30-35 students.

Click here or the link below to fill the registration form. We will generate the login details and schedule for the online classes based on the information and share them with you.


Please fill the form more than once to show interest for children of different classes/grades.

**Dear Parents – Pls take full precautions with the ongoing health hazard. Children can continue their reading at home. Download the fREADom app (Stanford University research case study in partnership with our school) http://getfREADom.com/app. For any queries WhatsApp: 907707777

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When seven blessed teachers fondly called “Saptarishis”, founded the K.L.E. Society in 1916, they meant to create an educational institution to provide basic literacy to the children of the farming community who were deprived of this basic right. Perhaps, they never imagined what they resolved to create would one day emerge as an educational empire of over 200 institutions of exceptional quality that all other institutions in the country would be judged against it.

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Quick Facts About KLE

A Learning Community dedicated to building responsible citizens and empowering all learners.

  • State of the Art Labs
  • Holistic Learning Environment
  • Smart Classes
  • Sprawling 4.5 acres Campus
  • World Class Swimming Pool
  • Plethora of Activities

The Founder Life Members of the KLE Society are:

  • Shri S.S. Basavanal (7 November 1893 – 22 December 1951)
  • Shri B.B. Mamadapur (24 July 1887 – 5 October 1976)
  • Shri M.R. Sakhare (1892 – 1951)
  • Shri H.F. Kattimani (1 June 1889 – 8 April 1964)
  • Shri B.S. Hanchinal (18 March 1891 – August 1979)
  • Shri P.R. Chikodi (February 1884 – 8 January 1961)
  • Shri V.V. Patil (10 April 1888 – 3 July 1979)

KLE is an acronym for Karnatak Lingayat Education Society.
It was founded in 1916 by seven educated youth with the objective of bringing education to the Kannada-speaking region of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency and what is today the North Karnataka region.

Headquartered at Belgaum, KLE Society runs over 240 educational institutions in Karnataka, South Maharashtra, New Delhi and Dubai . On 13 November 1916, KLE Society started an Anglo Vernacular School in Belgaum. Lingaraj College came into existence in June 1933. In 1947, B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology was started in Hubli. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College at Belgaum and Gudleppa Hallikeri College at Haveri were started in 1963. KLE also runs the world famous KLE engineering college in Belgaum, established in 1979. From 1984 onwards, KLE Society started dental, education, nursing, information technology, computer applications, hotel management, business management, tourism, fashion design, and agriculture colleges, as well as polytechnics across India. Its health care institutions include the super-specialty KLE Society’s Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital and Medical Research Centre at Belgaum. Today under the leadership of Mr. Prabhakar Kore, the KLE Society runs 242 institutions.

G.S. Paramasivaiah, a student of the Nobel-laureate Sir CV Raman was the first Principal of the Karnatak Science College, Dharwad. He was also the Secretary of KLE Society Belgaum. He played an important role in the founding of Karnatak University. In 1947, the Government of Bombay Province made attempts to establish a university in  Karnataka. As per the resolution No. 7914 of Education and Industries Department, Government of Bombay, a committee was constituted on 17 April 1947 to make recommendations regarding Form, Scope, Constitution and Jurisdiction of a University for Karnataka. (which meant Bombay Karnataka because Bombay Karnataka was a southern part of Bombay Province).

Lingayat educationalists like Prof. G.S. Paramasivaiah along with Prof S.S. Basavanal and Dr. S.C Nandimath were associated with the committee. The Karnatak University came into existence in 1949.



The curriculum at the KLE Society School is set to meet the standards of the CBSE board to enable the students to perform well at the CBSE Board exams. The adapted curriculum is aided with several curricular and co-curricular activities which enable each student to realize their maximum potential and develop themselves into academically proficient, morally fit and socially responsible individuals.



The KLE Society School has been designed keeping in mind excellent infrastructure facilities, good ventilation, state of the art classrooms and a holistic environment for learning. Students are encouraged to pursue their talents and nuture their passion in various fields such as sports, arts and curriculum based interests  in well equipped facilities  in the sprawling campus.


Powerful Alumni

 Our alumni, settled in different parts of the world are a testimony to our achievements and endeavors and are ambassadors promoting the ‘Brand KLE’ throughout the world.Unmindful of the constraints, KLE ensures that every individual with a desire to learn, irrespective of which strata he/she belongs to in the society has access to excellent infrastructure of international standards.


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